IXOW & You IXOW and You

Let’s bike together.

We want to continuously improve your experience as a cyclist and your IXOW customer experience. We do it along with you.

With IXOW & You, we want to build a community of cyclists and professionals, all IXOW ambassadors.

<p><strong>Let’s</strong> <strong>bike together.</strong></p>
Help us improve our products

Improving the products of today.

Imagining those of tomorrow.

Daily users of our products: you are best placed to suggest improvements. It is also with you that we want to imagine the products of tomorrow.

What do you dream of from IXOW? Tell us!


Let’s share our passion for cycling

IXOW & You is also the desire to organize events open to the public to discover the products and share the passion of cycling: open door days, brand discovery meetings. All your suggestions are welcome.

Everyone can join in.

So, don’t wait any longer, tell us your ideas!

Think with us of tomorrow's products
IXOW & You
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