Global Anti-theft Protection Programme

Considering bicycle theft as a real international plague and the failure of traditional locks or solutions against theft, IXOW has developed a disruptive strategy to make security as a priority for all. 

A disruptive approach

IXOW strategy is built on a global approach(Global Anti-Theft Protection Program) that completely revises the protection of the bicycle and its accessories against theft, based on
  • Deterrence: It is the thread. The thief has no interest to steal the bike because he should spend time and money before to use it or sell it.
  • Need to rebuild: it is necessary to replace some components, for exemple Stemlock, before to use or resell the stolen bicycle. In comparison, traditional locks are based on the time they resist against an agression; after they are broken, the bicycle is free to use.
  • Addition of several protections: bicycle protection with Stemlock and/or Brakelock, seat post & wheels locks  with Safering & Wheelguard, removable pedals with Pedalpark, tracking devices. As an option, a structural locking device(same key as Stemlock / Brakelock). Who would steal a car without steering wheel, seats, wheels, pedals and with a clamp ?
  • Integrated and permanent locks: no extra locks to transport; protections always available
  • Very easy to use and activate: to motivate people to use also for a short stop or difficult environment
  • Mix of mechanical & electronic solutions: for an efficient global protection


Bicycle theft, a real international plague

The annual figures for stolen individual bicycles are shocking, reaching hundreds of thousands thefts every year
  • About 4 000 000 stolen bicycles in Europe every year(eg 600 000 in Germany,  900 000 in the Netherlands, 500 000 in France).
  • Seat posts and wheels also stolen.
  • Traditional locks are not efficient.
  • People hesitate to buy nice bicycles or ebikes.
Concerning the bike sharing industry, we do not have international figures, just some for Velib in Paris:
  • 18 879 Velib stolen in 2014 = the whole Velib fleet 
  • 91% are found but 4600 destroyed because not reparable
  • Stolen Velib bicycles are found every where. The farest one in Bamako(Mali)
  • In the real life, it is easy to steal a Velib(1st gen.). When the lock is destroyed, every one can use it.
  • The cost for the fleet operator is very high.(Total 1500 € / year / Velib including theft)

Prejudice & causes of bike theft

Of course, cyclists are the first to be penalized by the plague of theft: loss of time and money, purchase of lower quality bicycles, even stopping commuting by bike.
The entire cycling industry is prejudiced by these fraudulent acts, particularly in urban bike sales:
  • Preference for second-end or basic entry model: renew or invest as little as possible
  • Alternative: use of a shared bicycle. A nice opportunity for bike sharing business !
  • Bicycles fleets operators are strongly impacted: bicycles replacement, repair costs, system management, lack of revenues etc
Causes are clearly identified
  • Standard locks not adapted and not reliable: some of the most sophisticated locks are picked in less than one minute. Then, bicycle is free to use. 
  • Velib(1st gen.) or  bike shared frame lock not difficult to destroy. GPS localisation easy to interrupt.
  • Security surveys, media reports demonstrate clearly the failure.
  • Situation is similar for motorcycles, scooters etc


IXOW anti-theft solutions from its Global Anti-theft Protection Programme


A powerful combination of complementary exclusive protections


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