wheelguard nuts
Wheel lock
Ultra effective anti-theft protection for your wheels

wheelguard® GRAVITY NUTS is an innovative extremely efficient wheel lock. The wheel is attached to the frame with anti-theft nuts featuring a patented gravity mechanism. It is impossible to unscrew if the bicycle is in an upright position. Thieves would have to turn the bicycle upside down to access the lock, which is impossible to do if you’ve attached it to a fixed point.


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5 Year Warranty
2 + 3 years offered with online activation of the Service Card
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wheelguard GRAVITY NUTS: an extremely effective anti-theft device for solid-axle wheels.

  • The wheel nuts are secured to the frame by means of an anti-theft device. The wheels are permanently protected against possible theft
  • You will no longer have to tie-up your wheels with an additional anti-theft chain
  • wheelguard GRAVITY NUTS is an alternative to traditional anti-theft devices, and is particularly suited to an urban way of life.

wheelguard GRAVITY NUTS: highly effective anti-theft protection 

HIGH SECURITY: Impossible to dismantle the wheel lock when the bike is in a ride position and attached to a fixed point so that it cannot be turned over.

PERMANENT PROTECTION: No further steps are needed to protect your wheels against theft. There is no need to carry an additional locking device.

EASY: Set up in a couple of minutes. Diameters in keeping with market standards.

LIGHT: Only 80 grams for permanent protection. 

AESTHETICS: Perfect integration. 3 colours possible (black, natural aluminium, orange) to suit your wishes.

WARRANTY AND SERVICES: 3-year extension to your warranty

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  • 2 years + free 3-year extension to your warranty with online registration

Dimensions (in keeping with market standards)

  • 3 diameters : M9 ; 3/8’’ ; M10

A high-quality design for a highly effective protection

  • Nuts: chromium-molybdenum steel treated for anti-corrosion
  • Gravity device: high-strength steel
  • Lock washers: anodized aluminium 7075-T6
  • 1 nut with gravity anti-theft device
  • 1 regular nut
  • 1 Service Card

Important: the set protects on wheel

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