We love cycling as much as you do.
Our vision

At IXOW, we have the conviction that bicycles can change the world. We want to contribute along with you to the development of cycling!

While bicycle is very popular for sport and leisure, more and more of you are using your bikes as a pleasant and very practical means of transport! Adapted to the needs of urban mobility, the bicycle has decidedly positive features: pleasure, health, conviviality, respect for the environment, etc.

Our ambition at IXOW is to make using bicycles ever simpler, ever more reliable and ever more secure. To help you enjoy cycling even more!

We are guided by our passion, our curiosity and imagination to continually improve existing functions and to constantly imagine new ones. That is why we rely heavily on you to share experiences and ideas which help us promote and design these innovative solutions.

We are helping in the development of cycling, in the simple pleasure of using our bikes without constraints, pedaling freely and in safety. We are proud to be building with you a strong brand, that is generous and open to the future.

Together, let’s be bold, let’s be optimistic!

Our personality

The world is a huge playing field and a real area for experimentation for us.

We are observers of developments in our society, we are curious and love discovery, we are bold and love to explore little known territories.  We are optimistic about what the future holds for us and, above all, we are the actors of our overflowing imagination!

Our values

The products that we design must respond to your needs. Truly useful, our products help you to eliminate the small daily obstacles that limit you in the use of your bicycle.


Ergonomic and intuitive products which make life easier for you, simple to use and require very little maintenance.


We conceive and design our products and services for you. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.