Storage and transport

Storage and transport

Reduce the width of your bicycle and simplify your life.
Making better use of space, a necessity

With the population concentrated in urban areas and an increasing number of bicycles all over the world, particularly in cities, managing and sharing space have become critical areas of concern.

It’s time to put an end to the headache of storing and parking your bike!

Bicycle lock-up stations, fleet management, storing your bicycle at home in an apartment, a garage or on the balcony, transporting several bikes when traveling in a group: storing, parking and transporting your bike can quickly become a challenge.

The IXOW Solution

At IXOW, we make these problems go away.

With stempark, the width of your bicycle is immediately reduced by 50cm. Transporting, parking or storing your bike is no longer a chore.  

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Anti-theft protection

Anti-theft protection

Bicycle theft will soon be a thing of the past
A real solution for stress-free biking

At IXOW we want to help you feel peace of mind when you ride your bicycle.

Unfortunately, you are often vulnerable to having your bicycle and equipment stolen, particularly when biking in the city.  Traditional heavy and cumbersome anti-theft devices are not always reliable, and poorly suited to everyday life.  Even the most sophisticated anti-theft devices are only an obstacle for a few minutes!

A new approach to protect your bicycle from theft

We have developed a completely revolutionary and comprehensive approach to provide you with an effective solution against bicycle theft.  We offer a full range of products especially designed to render a stolen bike unusable.

Deterrence, multiple points of protection and ease of use are the main advantages of this innovative and ingenious range of anti-theft devices.

3 product lines for total protection

safering and wheelguard will protect your saddle and your wheels.  Stemlock will render your bike impossible to ride.  Gain peace of mind and enjoy the freedom of biking.

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Gear shifting reinvented
No more complicated gear shifting

How can you possibly control 27 gears, engaging the front derailleur with 3 chainrings, a back derailleur with 9 speeds, using 4 levers or 2 handlebar twist grips turning in two directions, all at the same time, while riding smoothly and keeping the chains aligned?

There is a risk of the chain crossing or falling off, and the requirement for complicated maintenance…In short, shifting gears can become quite a headache.

Going back to basics

Using the example of a bicycle equipped with 3 chainrings combined with 6, 8 or 9 gears, we can assume that in theory, the number of possible speeds is 21, 24 or 27.  In reality, the number of usable gears is only 11, 12 or 14, due to cross-chaining, mechanical limitations and inefficient gears.

The revolution in gear shifting

Only one shifter for two derailleurs! With the innovative Synchrobox, you can change gears intuitively and spontaneously, knowing that you’re using the right gear combination, and without worrying about crossing the chain.

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A bike without a brake? Inconceivable!

Brakes are an essential safety feature on a bicycle. No matter what the technical solution, you must have a system to ensure your bicycle brakes function properly. That is, unless you are a professional daredevil.

But brakes are often neglected

Having brakes is essential, but it is equally important to maintain them. Too often, the cable tension is not ideal, leading to poor braking performance. Traditional locknut systems can be difficult to use and require constant maintenance.

magiclever: simple, reliable and safe

A brake lever specifically designed to allow you to obtain optimal cable tension, without requiring any technical knowledge or tools. Your brakes are adjusted to the proper tension to ensure maximum braking control.

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Permanent anti-theft devices for saddles and wheels

What could be better than a specifically designed, permanent and built-in protection device?

IXOW has created the most complete and effective range of anti-theft solutions, specifically designed to protect saddles and wheels.

Free yourself from your chains and lighten your load!

You no longer need multiple anti-theft locks (U-Locks, chains and cables) to try to protect the saddle and the front and rear wheels.

With safering and wheelguard, just install your anti-theft devices and set your mind at ease.  You will no longer have to carry around heavy and cumbersome anti-theft devices or deal with them every time you stop.  Of course, you will still be able to adjust your seat or remove your wheel.  But only you, not some thieves!

Two technologies:  the choice is yours

Because we feel you should be able to choose the solution most suited to your needs and your bicycle, we offer two solutions:

  • KEYCODE: system with a coded anti-theft screw. It is impossible to loosen the anti-theft screw without the corresponding coded key, regardless of the position of the bicycle. There are dozens of different combinations (40 to 90 depending on the version).

  • GRAVITY: innovative anti-gravity system.  Once the bike is in place, resting upright on its wheels, the safering and the wheelguard cannot be unscrewed.  Turn the bicycle upside down and the mechanism is released.  You can both loosen and tighten the screws. When attached to a fixed point, the bicycle cannot be turned upside down.  Your saddle and your wheels are protected.

Seatpost lock
The anti-theft device you need to protect your saddle

2 versions of the seat post clamp provide a permanent and highly effective protection of your saddle and seat post.

safering KEYCODE and safering GRAVITY: innovative and extremely effective protection against saddle theft.  The clamp is secured to the frame by an anti-theft screw. The seat post and saddle are therefore protected from any possible theft.

A major advantage: You no longer have to carry around your saddle and seat post with you to protect them from theft.  You know they will still be there when you pick up your bike and that you can ride comfortably, sitting on the saddle! 

Choose your safering according to your needs :
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Wheel lock
Ultra effective anti-theft protection for your wheels

Do you want to protect your wheels from theft? wheelguard provides a permanent and built-in protection.

wheelguard KEYCODE and wheelguard GRAVITY replace quick-release skewers (hollow shaft wheels) and wheelguard GRAVITY NUTS is designed for solid shaft wheels in place of the original nuts and bolts.  

Simplify your life with innovative and highly effective anti-theft devices. Your wheels are attached to the frame by an anti-theft system, protecting them from any possible theft.

A major advantage:  you will not need multiple conventional anti-theft systems (U-locks, chains…) to keep your wheels out of the hands of thieves.  You know your wheels will be there when you pick up your bike and you can ride with total peace of mind!

Choose your wheelguard according to your needs :
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Anti-theft device built-into the stem

Up until now you thought we were ingenious; now you will say that we have some extraordinary ideas!

stemlock?  An anti-theft device built-into the stem of the bike…a real game changer, don’t you think?

Instead of blocking the steering, like on your car, stemlock makes it completely uncontrollable.  Impossible to steer your bike! A major advantage:  a thief cannot damage the mechanism by trying to force it.

stemlock is a multipurpose system:  it can also make your life easier when storing and transporting your bike, just like its cousin stempark.  A turn of the key and the handlebars are aligned with the frame.

Choose your Stemlock according to your needs :
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